Eno Darkwa


Eno Darkwa is a recent Master of Social Work graduate from Columbia University’s School of Social Work. She intends to pursue a law degree with a concentration in public interest law. She is very interested in policy, research, and community organizing and collaboration. Her career goal is to be able to utilize skills and knowledge gained from her experiences and academic background to collaborate with communities and national agencies through education and research. She hopes to design tailored approach and policies, specific to individual communities, to combat social issues, such as child sexual abuse, with the aim of protecting and rehabilitating victims. Her social work academic journey has emphasized for her the importance of viewing situations within the context of the individual and to desist from putting all the blame on individuals. Her time at SAFElab has opened up the possibilities and the constant needed interaction between social work and technology. AI4ALL is a great opportunity to shed light on the interaction between social work and technology, and dismantle some of the myths surrounding social work as a profession.